Friday, May 21, 2010

Dave's Killer Bread SIN DAWG!

Our family had a roll of
Dave's Killer Bread SIN DAWG
the other day and inhaled it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Science lessons this week...

My kids are sorta digging the SPIDER lessons
this week and sorta NOT DIGGING the lessons!
Another Jaquette Home School marker board drawing lesson!
PLUS we took a walk around the yard and found an ORB WEB, a TUNNEL WEB and a
TANGLE WEB or COB WEB, but no SHEET WEB...yet!
We have to be alert because there was a
TANGLE WEB near the wood pile
and Black Widows make those!!!

latest illustration...

latest inking (with a COPIC MULTILINER BS)
(sorta in honor of the band REVELATION,
SALT and RANDALL BRAMAN; if any1 can give me
what the real word/lyric is, instead of 'HAPPY',
i'll send them an
illustrationISM post card!

OZ, CROCS and STEVE preview... . .

This is a draft/review cover of our Jaquette Home
graphic novel 'OZ, CROCS and STEVE'!
(involving Reptiles, Australia, Steve and Teri Irwin and
Marty and Sal Richardson)...stay tuned...

Favorite Family Album of the Month: CAPTAIN BOGG & SALTY - Pegleg Tango

This is our favorite *Family 'Pirate' Album of the Month:
Captain Bogg and Salty - Pegleg Tango
click HERE to go to thar deck!
*Captain Mark, Grub-cooker Becky,
Mikaela Cutlass, Isabel Shin-kicker and
Daniel Dagger!