Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peter Case

I went to the PETER CASE concert last night @
COZMIC and was sad and disappointed...because... went on for only an hour and a half. 
The concert was great, i should say. 
I WAS glad that i went and PC is 
phenomenal in his lyrics, 'soul', history and developing legacy;
the guitar is now another appendage [ he only played one harp song :-(  ], 
his skill and musician-ship is very captivating and enjoyable. 
His conversation, information, history and humor 
between the songs were fun, like we were all comfortable on 
the porch or the backyard under the apple tree.
When i saw him first shuffling into COZMIC, he really looked
like he came off of the same boxcar of Woody 
(and the other folk singer saints) - weathered 
and a veteran of the road of life, that extends 
like a  l o n g  neck of a guitar. 
Gracias Pedro.
Favorite Songs (if i dare): The Words in Red, Million Dollars Bail, 
Drunkard's Harmony (his only harp song).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

waiting for the COHO FERRY...

...from Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, WA.

THE BAY CENTRE in Victoria

I'll have to say something about the sorry state and 
availability of record/cd/music stores in Canada.
I went around to alot of yard sales and hardly saw any records or cds for sale. 
One man pfft'd at me and said "CD's?! We put them on our flash's long ago!
The irony of that - people love their books and would NEVER 
scan and have them digitalized, they need books to be tangible. 
I asked one guy "why are you selling your BJORK cds, 
they have such great designs and art work and they're such a 'keep sake' ." 
He, in essence, said the same thing, "oh i have my albums on my iPod."
On our last day in Victoria, there was an oasis 
of a rare record store called DITCH RECORDS.
They were friendly and abundant in cool music.

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

Beacon Hill's a nice park in Victoria, B.C.

Grayspark, Vancouver, B.C.

Our trip to Canada...

Lotsa people/tourists, seagulls, pidgeons, fruit and food!
Sorry i didn't sketch ALL of that!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TTTMC#7 by Mikaela

Register Guard You Ticket to the Movies Contest
envelope by Mikaela this week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


REGISTER GUARD Your Ticket to the Movies Contest
illustrationISM envelope number six.

The CELIA CRUZ stamp was inspirational.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

THE CALL - Let The Night Begin

Here's some more custom CD covers i made for
THE CALL and their 1989 'Let the Night Begin
concert in Boston.
This is an awesome sounding concert, 
sound-wise and band-wise (2 encores)!!!
I got the concert (and the right/front cover) @ 
Since it's a 2 hours gig, lotsa songs, i made the covers
for a double cd case; front booklet, inset and back cover.

THANX Thull!