Saturday, December 29, 2012


1. mewithoutyou - Ten Stories
What a dreamy train ride, what a providential wreck. 
I found myself in the smoke, snow, broken branches
and scattered with the animals through each song, and even 
pleaded in defense for 'The Elephant'. 
The journey of this album was/is a grand and sensory one. 
Each song was a page turner of hurts, concern and anger, 
golden lyrics, precise and 
openly honest with screams and whispers. 

2. The 77s - Stick and Stones 
     plus - ('seeds & stems') - Re-Issue
Greater, stronger and crisp. A nice 77s archive investment. Going back and polishing the 
master(s), to me it's like going 'back to the future'. Mike's info said that they were 
trying to make the 'big time', and working for that had them, to me, restricted and boxed 
in. To me, though, alot of the songs were complementary - Aaron's sharp geared 
drumming was the perfect flip with Mike's synched-scat guitar. I've always 
considered Mike Roe as one of the best guitarists.

3. The Hunger Games Soundtrack
Another T-Bone Burnett all star production and gathering of singers and bands. 
(soon The Secret Sisters will not be a secret anymore).
To me, this album is mega-better than the movie. I saw the movie (sorry, i didn't read 
the book) and it reminded me of a Charleton Heston 60's Sci-Fi.

4. Johnny Cash Bootleg 4 - The Soul of Truth
Most people like JC's rebellious, cocaine and 'tall-man finger shot' phase. 
I like JC's gospel/dressed-in-black portion of his life (and all the way 
through Rick Rubin's American Recording sessions). These 'good-news' songs 
were sung, i felt, out of pennance and gratitude for grace after the stormy days. 

5. U2 Popmart - 23 disc Las Vegas 
     rehearsals bootleg!
This plug is more of 'finding' this rare U2 bootleg, than listening/aesthetic pleasure.
This is not as good as the treasure chest of the 4-disc Achtung Beibi out-takes, but 
close. 23 discs compared to 4. You kind of wonder with all the rehearsing, 
why the 'Lost Wages' opening show still had some show problems. 

6. U222
A 'greatgottanabit' package (booklette and music) of the 360 Tour!

7. Jack White - Blunderbuss
I agree with most of the reviews that gave this album kudos, most mentioning that 
every song was a different experiment, with the golden thread of JW's guitar.
Blunderbuss 'almost' lost me, with each song being SO DIFFERENT in music frame, 
like Hometown buffet, but the more i listened to it, the more a structure surrounded me 
and 'the flarred out barrel flintlock' seemed 'reasonable' (is that a good adjective?). 
Jack was 'still there', while the 'scenery' changed around him.
(did anyone else notice that's giant crow on his shoulder?!)

8. Bob Dylan - Tempest
Like Blunderbuss, i thought Tempest had it's silly/puzzling moments of lazy lyrics
(from TEMPEST "...they mumbled, fumbled, tumbled...") 
[sorry, no Dylanites can convince me that those lines are holy and sacred), 
BUT then they were blown off, with lyrics of sage, wisdom and prophecy, 
(from SCARLETT TOWN "Good and evil livin' side by side, all human forms 
seem glorified").

9. Levi the Poet - Seasons
Are these written down?! Is this reharsed?! Does this just flow out?!
Levi's (if i were to believe in past lives) an old-testament prophet that 
gleans from his journal, heart AND from the Bible. It's great that he has an 
album to listen to when you're bobbin' at the wailing wall of modern culture.
(I think Levi the Poet and mewithoutyou should tour together or make an album 

10. Waterboys - Cloud of Sound
Remember i gave The Waterboys the number one spot for 2011 
with An Appointment With Mr. Yeats?!
This is an album of left-overs, and remember, 
left-overs are always better the next day.


(barely out of the top 10 group:)
11. Wovenhand - The Laughing Stalk
David Eugene Edwards has really developed into a high-desert, 
dry bones and minor-prophet singer, song writer and guitarist.
This is quite a dark, powerful and aboriginal album that took me 
through the red, hot sand-stone canyons of the soul.

12. Rickie Lee Jones (& Ben Harper) - The Devil You Know
Basically a Ben Harper album with Rickie Lee Jones singing.
Not  dissing the basic-ness of it, but when Ben and Rickie 
create an album, together, it's soulful.

alot of these albums!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

'Busier Than Santa' - our Postal worker

i made a Boxer Day Eve Eve 'allmark' card 
for our hard-working, 
mega-over-time, ragged (#3) postal worker.

(apologies to The Grinch and Kevin Frank's Crash Dog illy 
for the cover of Pursuit of Happiness)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daniel OR Dylan?

it could be Bob Dylan (with Daniel? glasses);
[ originally i drew a cigarette and Daniel J. - BUT 
some1 said 'HEY'?! so i added a mustache and 
covered the smoke with a candy cane. 
THEN it changed into Mr. Zimmerman. ]
(TOO MUCH writing for a simple quick sketch)

it's rare that she's sick

a quick sketch of Becky...

Matriarch Mikaela

i did a double take, and saw the future 
resemblance, of my daughter Mikaela 
when she is old and grey, in an icon of 
the Resurrection!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

la sketch de maya

The other day i was visiting and observing the young artists 
in Stephanie Tsuchida's art class and decided to sketch 
one of the students named Maya.

(on an art towel with a new Sharpie Brush marker)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tokyo on Foot

I'm reading/viewing this book/graphic novel/travel sketch book 
right now called TOKYO ON FOOT by Florent Chavouet!
There's a hand-full of reasons why i'm cuddle-ing this book; 
one is i can relate to the may travels and 
experiences of the Tokyo scene - with all the cool city 
graphics, years ahead of the U.S. in electronix, advertising and 
pop culture, people, gadgets and compact-ness; 
another is when Florent got the flu right after he arrived. 
That happened to me and i was miserable, constantly 
blowing my nose into a nice, newly bought samurai silk 
handerkerchief, wearing cool yellow pants, trying to take in all the 
sights and action, staying with an assistant manager 
of the Yakult Swallows (with tatami matts and a 
great sauna, tiled bathroom); 
i can also relate to the book seeing all 
the fringe fashion-ites like in Bladerunner
the colors in the book are amazing; 
how could Florent draw 
everything so well and fast in that 
well fast city??!! 
That amazes me.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Presidential Debate in Boca Raton

I think Boca Raton is the funniest town/city name,
if you know Spanish! 
I just had to make a 'pho'shop-ustration
for the next debate.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

my logo creating process

Over the past couple of weeks i've been
thumb-nailing logo ideas for a bookstore 
logo contest in Portland. A real good friend and i 
chose our favorite 3, and then i vectorized them today.
Dozens of sketches...circling in on several that i liked... 
...refining those...and then 'Vectorize Captain Picard'!
click the pic to see up close.

This should be catagorized under my 

graphic/design 'kitchenBAMmGRAPHICS.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nina, Pinta & the Santa Maria...

...quickly drawn on a marker board for Daniel and 
Columbus Day; the discovery of San Salvador 
and the intro of 
viruses to the natives.

(It always seems to be that way with
explorers...Lewis & Clark (the corp mostly) and the trail 
of syphilis; Captain Cook and his sailors; and 
Christopher Columbus and his sailors!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peter Case

I went to the PETER CASE concert last night @
COZMIC and was sad and disappointed...because... went on for only an hour and a half. 
The concert was great, i should say. 
I WAS glad that i went and PC is 
phenomenal in his lyrics, 'soul', history and developing legacy;
the guitar is now another appendage [ he only played one harp song :-(  ], 
his skill and musician-ship is very captivating and enjoyable. 
His conversation, information, history and humor 
between the songs were fun, like we were all comfortable on 
the porch or the backyard under the apple tree.
When i saw him first shuffling into COZMIC, he really looked
like he came off of the same boxcar of Woody 
(and the other folk singer saints) - weathered 
and a veteran of the road of life, that extends 
like a  l o n g  neck of a guitar. 
Gracias Pedro.
Favorite Songs (if i dare): The Words in Red, Million Dollars Bail, 
Drunkard's Harmony (his only harp song).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

waiting for the COHO FERRY...

...from Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, WA.

THE BAY CENTRE in Victoria

I'll have to say something about the sorry state and 
availability of record/cd/music stores in Canada.
I went around to alot of yard sales and hardly saw any records or cds for sale. 
One man pfft'd at me and said "CD's?! We put them on our flash's long ago!
The irony of that - people love their books and would NEVER 
scan and have them digitalized, they need books to be tangible. 
I asked one guy "why are you selling your BJORK cds, 
they have such great designs and art work and they're such a 'keep sake' ." 
He, in essence, said the same thing, "oh i have my albums on my iPod."
On our last day in Victoria, there was an oasis 
of a rare record store called DITCH RECORDS.
They were friendly and abundant in cool music.

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

Beacon Hill's a nice park in Victoria, B.C.

Grayspark, Vancouver, B.C.

Our trip to Canada...

Lotsa people/tourists, seagulls, pidgeons, fruit and food!
Sorry i didn't sketch ALL of that!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TTTMC#7 by Mikaela

Register Guard You Ticket to the Movies Contest
envelope by Mikaela this week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


REGISTER GUARD Your Ticket to the Movies Contest
illustrationISM envelope number six.

The CELIA CRUZ stamp was inspirational.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

THE CALL - Let The Night Begin

Here's some more custom CD covers i made for
THE CALL and their 1989 'Let the Night Begin
concert in Boston.
This is an awesome sounding concert, 
sound-wise and band-wise (2 encores)!!!
I got the concert (and the right/front cover) @ 
Since it's a 2 hours gig, lotsa songs, i made the covers
for a double cd case; front booklet, inset and back cover.

THANX Thull!

Monday, July 30, 2012

TTTM contest envelope #5

Register Guard 'Your Ticket to the Movies' Contest envelope #5.
( a quick marker rendition of; 
i just noticed that the bumps of the orange's surface 
really looks dimensional and realistic! It tends to 
happen when you have to rush an illy out and 
not think too much 
about it.)

2 new custom MIDNIGHT OIL covers

   There wasn't a CD cover for the Oil's Jim Ladd's
Living Room concert in L.A., so i made one; 
and the MIDNIGHT OIL'S BLACK RAIN FALLS 'Special Guerilla Action
in NYC was a stale cd cover, so i revised that one (i re-scanned my video cover!).
(If you can d/l the 'Jim Ladd's Living Room' bootleg, there's 
great un-plugged music and banter! [ sniff...right B4 they dismantled ]
The 'agit prop' gig in NYC is a classic.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Register Guard "TTTMC" envelope #4

In honor of the 12 people slain in the movie theatre in Colorado;
all i can think of was the phrase "i can't be everywhere @ once!"

dreamage #7

another 'dreamage';
(what does T.S.A. stand for you?)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Petrograd & Zahra's Paradise

I read two historical fiction, graphic novels in 3 days! 
(About 480 pages! Not quite Les Miserables or War & Peace but...)
I highly recommend them for their 
line work (Petrograd 1st, and Zahra's Paradise a close second), 
intriguing story-line, history, research and information.
Tyler Crook's artwork and brush style in PETROGRAD, pulled you into 
the dark and cold world of the city, minds and souls. I liked the awesome art a bit 
more than the story; the story at times was vague and confusing.

The artwork of Khalil in ZAHRA'S PARADISE was 
lively and well thought out for all the details of the 
oppressed people of Iran in 2009. 
I liked the story better than the artwork, but both were symmetrical.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Register Guard 'YTTTMC' envelope #3

Dee dee

They put these ads in the 'bluespaper' for orphaned
animals. The shelter's name has been changed so they
won't howl or growl @ me. My favorite line is 
"Who needs two eyes anyway!"
(reminded me of the verse from Matthew 5:29! Was 
Dee dee an adulterer?!)

Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm enjoying hearing ANDY PRATT music again!

Register Guard "Your Ticket to the Movies" #2...

Here's my 2nd envelope i sent to the Register Guard for 2 FREE 'Moo-vie' tix!

p.s. - Mikaela's 'Bach' from the 
Stangeland Family Youth Choral Academy 
and the Oregon Bach Festival!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Here a custom cd cover i made for the
was in Dublin, June 18, 2012!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Register Guard 'YOUR TICKET TO THE MOVIES' Contest #1...

Here's my first envelope art for the summer/annual 
Register Guard's
'Your Ticket to the Movies Contest'!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AP (Alternative Press) Magazine illustrations

Here are some 'rough take' ink samples for 
AP Magazine's (Alternative Press), 
Art Director Christopher Benton!

...air-guitar snowmen!


Here's an illustration from the past; 
a palindrome, lettering and thin 'n thick 
ink lines with a dip-nib pen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dreamage (6)...

 'Door in the Desert' image...
(in a Dr. Ruth voice, "let's analyze these.")
 i © the Dreamage word!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

U2DJ REMIX(es) covers...

here R 3 U2DJ remix(es) cd covers i made!

                                                   U2DJ remix(es) cd covers i made here R 3 !