Tuesday, December 27, 2016

illustrationISM TOP ALBUMS of 2016

Here's my Top Ten Fave Albums of 2016, 
(consider, these are what i enjoyed listening
to this year. These have nothing to do with
top pop radio, Rolling Stone, MOJO, or
Eugene Weekly influences.

starting with Number 10... .      .

10. Daniel Lanois - Goodbye to Language
‘Trippy, listen to loud-in-the-dark' slide guitar. 
Who needs to pay
half a million to 

9. Brad Mehldau - Blues & Ballads
The master of tone, notes and skill has, once again, taken the
keys of a piano where NO ONE has gone B4.

8 & 7. Kerosene Halo - House on Fire and Live Simple
2 albums from Roe & Daugherty, automatically in the top 10!

6. NF - Therapy Session
NF is much better than Chance the Rapper in my book this year, big cheer,
hear, hear! Hammer on my head, hope is not dead. Many rivets in arenas have
rattled loose and fists want to punch the devil and the scorching he unleashes on this planet!
NF will lead the charge!

5. MIA - AIM
This is where it starts to get difficult
about thetop 5, for me. 
AIM is a creative chant of big rhythms and
complaints of big biz and the problems going on in this world.
Turn it up!

4. Jack White - Acoustic Sessions
What a great trip of Jack tunes that have spanned all these years.
Only Jack can write the words down and pull out the guitar to make
them gems. 
(remember the beginning of IT MIGHT GET LOUD?)

3. U2 - Live in Paris
Had to put this in. The concert is big and bright! 
A lot of the songs
were tweaked and improved 
to catch your attention. The lights and digital, another
new experience.

2. Ben Harper - Call It What It Is 
This was played so much by me this year. The songs were so timely with BH’s
protest against shootings, killing and injustice of 2016. His singing flies with his soul as 
a psalm and lament toward heaven. 

1. Heath McNease - Who Knows? Who Cares?

I have another Heath album as another #1! 
He’s such a writer and musician that
needs to be heard more. The melody’s and layers are so catchy, 
The production is very professional and creative. 
Why are there so many other albums out there and 
not this one that every1’s liking…loving! 

many of these albums!!

old penny!