Friday, May 31, 2013

Yeshu, Merrimack (sp?) and Alpine Springs...

Today when the Hosanna Dance kids were dancing for the seniors at Alpine Springs, I had a cup of coffee before the start of it, talked to a nice old man named 'Merrimack' (sp?) who told me he
misses his garden,backyard and house but has to live in the retirement house now.
He's had a stroke, or two, and told me, in January, before moving to Alpine, he went fishing near Marcola, went up a forest road, and was snowed in and locked in for 3 days; he tried to hike out but had a stroke, fell down a gully near by and was found, thankfully feet first in a creek by a rescuer! 
Now he can't drive and lives now at Alpine Springs with his wife.
What a life, what a soul! He was hard of hearing but nice to talk to!
The dancing started, i finished my coffee, and decided to doodle on the styro, a brain-toss
of an idea about Yeshu and the truth about his grandson the goat herder, his goats, 
the coffee bush and the real story of coffee
And then in the evening, Peter Mead invited us to The Prefontaine Classic at 
Hayward Field to watch all the Ethiopians, Eritreans, Kenyans, Aussies, Brits, 
Canadians and Germans run, throw and jump!
What a day
And Daniel beat me in golf, this morning at Sutton Ridge at RiverRidge...50-64!

Monday, May 6, 2013

i had a dream about Tony Orlando

Last Friday morning i had a dream about Tony Orlando 
(read the copy to get the details) and then when i was reading the 
morning Register Guard, an ad for his gig was announcing his gig 
in June!!! (X-Files music starts NOW).