Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tree Knots explained...

My boy Daniel wanted to know where the
KNOTS in our kindling came from - so i
explained it to an illustration!
Right to left for my Jewish, Japanese and Chinese friends!
(Drawn with a cool PILOT Plumix pen!)

Nun seen on Van Buren and 2nd...

Sketched (from under) St. John's Bell Tower -
a distant nun or monk shape on a pole in Eugene,
on the corner of 2nd and Van Buren!?

(No, it's not Madonna on a piece of toast, but maybe
they're 'thwarting in prayer' (a paradox? and oxymoron?)
the goddess of Ninkasi!)
'Repentant Prayer is ALWAYS answered!'

Friday, February 4, 2011

illustrationISM's TOP TEN ALBUMS of 2010

I thought i'd list my TOP TEN ALBUMS of 2010:
1. John Legend and The Roots - Wake Up!
2. Lost Dogs - Old Angel.
3. Black Dub.
4. Mikaela Jaquette - Homeward Bound EP2.
5. Tom Jones - Praise & Blame. (Yes...Tom Jones,
but starting the album out with Bob Dylan's
'What Good Am I?', i liked it immediately).
6. Robert Plant (& Buddy Miller!) - Band of Joy.
7. The Choir - Burning Like The Midnight Sun.
8. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love.
(Because Imelda Marcos was on the cover, the concept of
the album and all the girl singers on the album)
9. The Alarm - Direct Action. (by faith i know it's
great - i haven't heard it REALLY! Borders
doesn't specialize in Imports and Singles anymore! 'raspberry')
10. Chopin: Piano Concertos #'s 1 & 2 - Polish Festival
Orchestra - Pianist Krystian Zimerman (it's an old album
BUT i heard it for the first time, on KWAX, and was captivated
by it!)