Thursday, March 30, 2017

Make A Joyful Noise - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Tennessee Ernie Ford's - Make a Joyful Noise 
LP for a dollar @ GoodWill!
I was looking for this album by TEF, for years, 
because he sang 2 songs by 
Larry Norman (I Love You & IWWABR) and
3 songs by Andrae Crouch!

(PLUS a Robin Lane & The Chartbusters LP (1980)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mackay Trial illy 10

Fr. Daniel James Mackay - #2

Mackay Trial illy 9...

Darrian Wilcher - 'Jasmine'
Purjury spoken here.
likes the rapperYG

Mackay Trial illy 8...

Character Witness Karen Ford

Mackay Trial illy 7...

Fr. Daniel Mackay  #1

Mackay Trial illy 6...

Nancy "Maria" Mackay

Mackay Trial illy 5...

Defense Attorney Terri Wood

Mackay Trial illy 4...

Sgt. Scott

Mackay Trial illy 3...

Judge Karrie McIntyre

No DNA proof, EconoLodge security camera footage or evidence, 

only embellished testimony from Darrianne Welcher and the added texts written by Det. Curtis Newell.

83 leniency letters did bother her

...Mackay Trial illy 2...

State Attorney JoAnn Miller

said during the trial, 
"you're (Daniel Mackay) a professor of Literature. 
You should be great with 
your words and how to influence the reader/listener."

"Your entourage."

Daniel Mackay Trial illy 1...

Detective Curtis Newell

Lane County Deputy District Attorney JoAnne Miller said "detectives and policemen 
are prejudice all the time in their work."

Detective Ted Williams