Monday, November 19, 2012

Tokyo on Foot

I'm reading/viewing this book/graphic novel/travel sketch book 
right now called TOKYO ON FOOT by Florent Chavouet!
There's a hand-full of reasons why i'm cuddle-ing this book; 
one is i can relate to the may travels and 
experiences of the Tokyo scene - with all the cool city 
graphics, years ahead of the U.S. in electronix, advertising and 
pop culture, people, gadgets and compact-ness; 
another is when Florent got the flu right after he arrived. 
That happened to me and i was miserable, constantly 
blowing my nose into a nice, newly bought samurai silk 
handerkerchief, wearing cool yellow pants, trying to take in all the 
sights and action, staying with an assistant manager 
of the Yakult Swallows (with tatami matts and a 
great sauna, tiled bathroom); 
i can also relate to the book seeing all 
the fringe fashion-ites like in Bladerunner
the colors in the book are amazing; 
how could Florent draw 
everything so well and fast in that 
well fast city??!! 
That amazes me.