Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Beginning of BRAZIL!

WE ALL learned about the history and beginnings
of BRAZIL last week! Portugal....Napolean's sister
in-law....Rio De Janeiro....all the DOM's....etc.

in honor of the Thomas & Susanna Smoak in Sao Paulo!
[ have you noticed the last 2 marker boards have had 'bays' in them! ]


Smoaky said...

Well thank you very much! We are honored (you could probably teach us a thing or two)

illustrationISM said...

Let's see....(the kids had it was
confusing to me....but..) goes -
DOM PEDRO's (first) wife was Maria Leopoldina
AND SHE was the sister of...AAhhh.....see it here!
[even reading it from that page it's confusing, complex and il-legitimate!!!!]