Friday, February 4, 2011

illustrationISM's TOP TEN ALBUMS of 2010

I thought i'd list my TOP TEN ALBUMS of 2010:
1. John Legend and The Roots - Wake Up!
2. Lost Dogs - Old Angel.
3. Black Dub.
4. Mikaela Jaquette - Homeward Bound EP2.
5. Tom Jones - Praise & Blame. (Yes...Tom Jones,
but starting the album out with Bob Dylan's
'What Good Am I?', i liked it immediately).
6. Robert Plant (& Buddy Miller!) - Band of Joy.
7. The Choir - Burning Like The Midnight Sun.
8. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love.
(Because Imelda Marcos was on the cover, the concept of
the album and all the girl singers on the album)
9. The Alarm - Direct Action. (by faith i know it's
great - i haven't heard it REALLY! Borders
doesn't specialize in Imports and Singles anymore! 'raspberry')
10. Chopin: Piano Concertos #'s 1 & 2 - Polish Festival
Orchestra - Pianist Krystian Zimerman (it's an old album
BUT i heard it for the first time, on KWAX, and was captivated
by it!)


mikaela said...

haha thanks! 4th place is pretty cool! : )))

illustrationISM.... said... 'CANADIAN BACONS' this year ;-(

mikaela said...

sheeeeeeeeshhhhh! Well at least Bob Dylan isn't there... lol just kidding. gotta appreciate good canadian music when you can!