Thursday, January 5, 2012

Send Your Light and Your Truth...

My daughter got her January 2012
issue of CLUBHOUSE magazine and
this was the center scripture poster ! ? ! reminded me of the 'Kid' friendly* version of AVATAR;
and 2nd...Larry Norman's line in 'UFO' -
'and if there's life on other planets,
then i'm sure that He must know,
and He's been there once already,
and has died to save their souls.'

James Cameron: "We actually created a family friendly audio version of the film you can watch as well. That’s just because I was getting in trouble from my wife when our seven year old was watching Avatar, which he loved to watch, and then for the next two weeks he would go around saying sh*t and g** d*****. Then I’d yell at him and he’d say, 'Dad, it’s in Avatar!'"

"It’s all the cast voices. Normally for network versions later downstream, at the time you’re making the film when you’re doing the ADR, you always have all the actors cover all their unacceptable language that wouldn’t pass standards and practices. So we thought, 'Wait a minute, why not use the fact that you can select different audio tracks and different languages and just select an audio track so that people can sit and watch the film as a family viewing experience?' I know there are parents of kids maybe eight, seven, six years old that would probably feel comfortable having their kids watch the movie but don’t want to have to deal with the language issue, which I don’t. Maybe I just did it for me, but hopefully other people can benefit from this as well."

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