Thursday, July 19, 2012

Petrograd & Zahra's Paradise

I read two historical fiction, graphic novels in 3 days! 
(About 480 pages! Not quite Les Miserables or War & Peace but...)
I highly recommend them for their 
line work (Petrograd 1st, and Zahra's Paradise a close second), 
intriguing story-line, history, research and information.
Tyler Crook's artwork and brush style in PETROGRAD, pulled you into 
the dark and cold world of the city, minds and souls. I liked the awesome art a bit 
more than the story; the story at times was vague and confusing.

The artwork of Khalil in ZAHRA'S PARADISE was 
lively and well thought out for all the details of the 
oppressed people of Iran in 2009. 
I liked the story better than the artwork, but both were symmetrical.

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