Saturday, August 25, 2012

THE BAY CENTRE in Victoria

I'll have to say something about the sorry state and 
availability of record/cd/music stores in Canada.
I went around to alot of yard sales and hardly saw any records or cds for sale. 
One man pfft'd at me and said "CD's?! We put them on our flash's long ago!
The irony of that - people love their books and would NEVER 
scan and have them digitalized, they need books to be tangible. 
I asked one guy "why are you selling your BJORK cds, 
they have such great designs and art work and they're such a 'keep sake' ." 
He, in essence, said the same thing, "oh i have my albums on my iPod."
On our last day in Victoria, there was an oasis 
of a rare record store called DITCH RECORDS.
They were friendly and abundant in cool music.

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