Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peter Case

I went to the PETER CASE concert last night @
COZMIC and was sad and disappointed...because... went on for only an hour and a half. 
The concert was great, i should say. 
I WAS glad that i went and PC is 
phenomenal in his lyrics, 'soul', history and developing legacy;
the guitar is now another appendage [ he only played one harp song :-(  ], 
his skill and musician-ship is very captivating and enjoyable. 
His conversation, information, history and humor 
between the songs were fun, like we were all comfortable on 
the porch or the backyard under the apple tree.
When i saw him first shuffling into COZMIC, he really looked
like he came off of the same boxcar of Woody 
(and the other folk singer saints) - weathered 
and a veteran of the road of life, that extends 
like a  l o n g  neck of a guitar. 
Gracias Pedro.
Favorite Songs (if i dare): The Words in Red, Million Dollars Bail, 
Drunkard's Harmony (his only harp song).

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