Monday, November 19, 2007

BRMC & Scene Beyond Dreams!!!?!

I was perusing and exploring thru the rock group call BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE
CLUB (BRMC). I kinda was interested because the bass player in BRMC is
Michael Been's son...and Michael Been (of the Call) is the sound manager now for BRMC as they tour europe!

see bottom photo here (of dad & son) (i don't know if i'm boring you - i thought it was cool).

WELL . . . here's the 'wow' moment! On the BRMC site, one of their promo shots looks like (similiar to) the album cover of SCENE BEYOND DREAMS! (see attached jpeg-wasn't that around 1984 or so?) I thought that was quite a coincidence and was wondering if dad been told his son robert been and the band to try 'this kind of shot...silhouetted in front of a big warehouse panel!'
scroll over 'NEWS' on this page . . .

son & dad info here . . . . . .

i thought this pretty cool . . . maybe just you and me would . . . maybe not. the only other call fans i know of is my sister, t-bone, bono, peter gabriel and some jesus people community friends in chicago. Also the legacy and passing on of the ROCK & ROLLER 'BEEN TORCH' is burning bright.

other than that . . . . talk to you later

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