Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Pope Cuss's...

trying to figure out how to post a test 'illy' on SFG is enough 'TO MAKE THE POPE CUSS!' but here's hoping . . . . . maybe i'll just hang out here in 'ISM' until i figure out how to frog this blog into Sugar Frosted Goodness [link below]!!

Sugar Frosted Goodness!: SFG: Signs


::spaceboy:: said...

I love this!

Dianna said...

hey mark,

i like this too!

i remember as a kid mom would play the call a lot. leads me to believe that you influenced her musical tastes quite a bit. i find it interesting that most of the people i speak with didn't get into their parents choices for music, but today i still listen to some of the things mom played. u2, of course, but also led zeppelin, and right now i'm still searching for mortal. she told me not to lose the cd's because they are rare, but alas... i did and am now finding just how rare they really were.

i think about you and your family a lot. i wonder how you are doing. i haven't seen ya'll in a long time. miss you.