Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Does anyone know the where abouts of a LIGHT SLEEPER SOUNDTRACK Michael Been of The Call & BRMC?
Contact me if . . . . . Mark

Songs: World On Fire (05:27), To Feel This Way (04:57), World On Fire John’s theme (05:43), Anxious part one (00:45), Without you Marianne’s theme (02:02), To Feel This Way Film Version (03:58), Beloved (03:33), Loss (00:49), Anxious part two (00:52), Abandoned (04:15), Marianne’s Fall (03:12), Jumpoffs (04:02), Betrayed Or Not Betrayed (00:59), Suspicious tis´ theme (03:49), Fate (06:36), Embrace (04:38), The World’s On Fire (7 Parts):Memory Tricks (05:27), I Just Decided To Come (01:11), She Made Me (03:54), I’m Dripping (01:42), I Need A Piece (04:34), Believe Me (02:42), Strange How Things Work (04:23)

I've got a couple of 'rare' LP's if you want to trade (Alpha Band, Blackhouse, People I LOVE YOU [nah, i want to keep that one],
contact me if . . . .


::spaceboy:: said...

Try some bittorrent software. And there's a forum that lists Christian artist downloads, at

Also check out my video blog with some Call performances at:

Hafa later alligator,

xenspirit3 said...

Hey, very interesting site. Thanks for letting me see it...I'll definitely will add it to my favorites and check in from time to time.

Anonymous said...

have you ever found this?

I would LoVe to HeaR it too.

Anonymous said...

any luck with Lightsleeper soundtrack ???

Anonymous said...

did you ever find this soundtrack?

I have two LIGHT SLEEPER tracks
from the LOVE IS EVERYWHERE single
World On Fire (light sleep mix), To Feel This Way (light sleep mix).

so I would love to HeaR the rest...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find it for years...Anyone???

manila said...

I have it, how we can have contact?

Tushek said...

Hey. Any option to send by mail?